Biodegradable Refuse Bags

Here at Alliance UK we stock a good selection of biodegradable refuse bags that reduce the impact on the environment while getting the job done. Easy to use, eco-friendly and available in a range of sizes, these bags are ideal for landfill disposal or composting as they are completely biodegradable when buried or put in prolonged contact with soil.

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  1. JanSan Biodegradable Refuse Sacks Black

    200 Sacks

    £13.55 £16.26 Inc. VAT
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  2. JanSan Compostable Bin Liner 80 Litre

    400 x Liners

    £79.95 £95.94 Inc. VAT
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  3. JanSan Compostable Bin Liner 140 Litre

    200 x Liners

    £66.95 £80.34 Inc. VAT
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  4. JanSan Compostable Bin Liner 240 Litre

    100 x Liners

    £84.95 £101.94 Inc. VAT
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  5. JanSan Biodegradable Refuse Sacks Clear

    200 Bags

    £25.95 £31.14 Inc. VAT
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  6. JanSan Biodegradable OXO Refuse Sacks Clear

    10000 x Bags

    £1,224.95 £1,469.94 Inc. VAT
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Here at Alliance UK Online we have a wide range of Biodegradable and Compostable bin liners. If you’re looking to ditch plastic and become more eco-friendly, consider our biodegradable bin bags that will degrade in 3 to 4 weeks making them incredibly eco-friendly and ensuring no plastic (which takes years to break down) ends up on our streets, landfills or oceans.

Here you will also find liners to fit Caddy Bins, Kitchen Bins, Dustbins and Wheelie Bins.

Bin Liners & Refuse Sacks

We stock polythene refuse sacks and bin bags for all purposes. Our Medium Duty bin bags are suitable for general household waste while the Heavy Duty bin bags and Heavy Duty wheelie bin liners are more suited to restaurant and industrial use.

If you require a bin bag for wet waste, garden rubbish or heavy Industrial waste then the Extra Heavy Duty or even the compactor sacks are the ones to go for. We also stock coloured and clear sacks so that the rubbish can be easily sorted.

The range includes laundry bags with a soluble strip so that contact with soiled items can be avoided - the sealed bag is placed in the wash, the strip dissolves, and the soiled items are released into the water.

We also stock a Rubble Sack that gets excellent reviews.

Read more below for a helpful and comprehensive guide to our range of polythene sacks comparing duty, size, capacity, gauge and burst strength.

Heavy Duty Strong Polythene Sacks
We stock a wide variety of polythene refuse sacks and bin liners in a range of shapes, sizes and thicknesses for all purposes. Our black sacks are made from a LDPE, with a high perecntage of recycled content, blended with LLPDE which imEnov and Janilecves elasticity for better puncture resistance. All our sacks are made from good quality film with strong seams giving excellent reliability and value for money. Packed in bulk, suitable for all general use in household, washrooms, office, catering and industrial environments.

Don't be fooled by cheap sacks made from poor quality film that is heavily recycled resulting in splits, rips and tears that end up with the contents all over the floor! Thicker gauge film is not necessarily an indicator of strength if full of impurities that will cause weak points leading to failure.

Janitorial Refuse Sacks For All Applications
Enov and Janilec sacks are available in a variety of formats and gauges. Sizes range from standard 18x29x39 up to 240 ltr Wheelie Bin Liners, from Light Duty through to Super Heavy Duty and Capacities ranging from 90 litre to 240 litre. Which refuse sack you choose, depends on the size of your bin and the type of refuse you will be disposing of.

Light and Medium Duty refuse sacks, as well as the pedal Bin liners, swing and square bin liners are suitable for general household and office waste.
Standard and Heavy Duty refuse sacks are more suited to restaurant and Industrial use, but can be used for more general applications if a thicker bag is required.
Extra Heavy Duty and Super Heavy Duty refuse sacks are suitable for wet waste, garden rubbish or heavier industrial waste.
Clear Heavy Duty Polythene Sacks
We stock a range of clear sacks for specific waste identification and sorting. Office waste is often contained in clear sacks so as to be able to identify the contents and deter theft. Wheelie bin liners are available in clear film too. For rubbish that needs to be identified and colour coded for recycling separation purposes, we offer a wide range of tinted coloured sacks.

Specialist Polythene Sacks
We also offer specialist sacks such as soluble strip Laundry sacks so that contact with soiled or contaminated laundry items can be avoided by the user. Our extremely sturdy Super Heavy Duty Rubble Sacks are a best seller, highly rated and great value for money.

Quality Polythene Film For Optimum Performance
Unlike some refuse sack suppliers, we do not sell sacks that have been bulked out with fillers. The Enov and Janileccess of including chalk fillers to the recycled polythene mix, increases the gauge, but not the strength and often results in a thicker bag that performs poorly. Sacks from Hygiene Depot are manufactured only using good quality film for optimum performance and value for money. Our stated strengths, gauge and duty are realistic guidelines to help you to choose the correct bag.

Refuse Sack Guide
Below is a guide to help you make the right choice when comparing duty, size, capacity, gauge and burst strength. With such a diverse range, we know we will have something to suit your needs and at the right price.

Contact  =   Light Duty
Classic   =   Medium/Standard Duty
Premium     Heavy Duty
Compactor  =   Extra Heavy Duty
Ultra  =   Super Heavy Duty


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