Waste Management

Waste Management

Alliance UK online offers top quality bins and bin bags made from recycled film but very strong, our bags fit most types of bin and are ideal for household, office, garden or building rubbish. For specialist types of waste we also stock sacks with specific printed warnings plus a full biodegradable range. Alliance UK Cleaning Hygiene Supplies has product to suit every environment, from office to washroom, indoor to outdoor.

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Alliance UK online is London based supplier of polythene products such as refuse sacks, wheelie bin liners, waste sack carrier, polythene bags, rubble sacks, clear bags, clear bin bags, rubbish bags, coloured bags, wheelie bin bags, liners, sacks liners, bags, sacks. The secure, online site is fast and simple to use.

Alliance UK online is one of the UK's leading suppliers of a huge range of multi-purpose, wholly recycled polythene bags, hard-wearing plastic bags, carrier bags and plastic gloves.
Whether you're a commercial business looking to place bulk orders or an individual simply looking for a great deal on your household liners and sacks, you'll be impressed by the variety of recycled goods on offer from our online shop. All specifications, strength measurements and thickness gauges are clearly listed next to each item, so you're able to browse our catalogue at your convenience and choose the plastic bags and carrier bags that best suit your requirements. For a guide to Recycling Symbols, you can check at What does Plastic Recycling Symbols mean?

Alliance UK online provide special offers on heavy duty polythene bags and plastic bags in various sizes, perfect for retailers looking for bagging solutions at low prices.

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Reduce Litter and Keep Your Facility Clean with Commercial Waste bins and Recycling Bins

Make it easy for employees and guests to throw rubbish away. Providing Waste bins in your work space or business will allow guests to throw away their rubbish without leaving it around your space. Utilize Waste bins to help keep your business tidy. Whether it’s a heavy duty rubbish can to handle bigger jobs or a smaller wastebasket to gather wrappers, it’s important to have waste bins around.
Waste bins come in many different styles and are great for organization. Keep your place tidy by providing Waste bins that employees and customers can use to throw away rubbish. Choose from a variety of Waste bins and find the right fit for your needs. Waste bins can be used for heavy duty jobs or for convenience.
Commercial recycling bins and Waste bins are essential items for indoor or outdoor use. Keep small or large bins near your kitchen work station, at employees' desks, or near the exit to your business, so customers always have a place to throw away or recycle their waste. These cans will organize rubbish, and best of all, keep your premises neat and clean. For other waste disposal items, check out our rubbish disposals, hotel room Waste bins, and feminine napkin receptacles.