Washroom Services

Washroom Services

Here at Alliance UK online we provide washroom hygiene services to organisations to ensure that they provide fully-serviced, hygienic washrooms that meet the needs of their visitors and staff. Your washroom / restroom says more about your company than you realise. It speaks volumes to your staff and visitors about how your organisation is run and how it treats stakeholders. Providing a clean, pleasant and modern washroom is a positive reflection on your company and its values.

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Alliance UK online work with organisations of all sizes right across the UK to ensure their visitors always have access to hygienic, well-maintained and easy-to-use washroom facilities including soap dispensers, hand sanitisers, sanitary units, toilet roll and sanitary bag dispensers and surface sanitisers, to keep your organisation and visitors healthy and happy.

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Washroom Services

Supply your women’s washroom facilities with the proper sanitary napkin dispenser in order to maintain a clean and sanitary environment. By ensuring each bathroom stall has a tampon dispenser present, guests can utilize proper means of disposal for sanitary napkins and more, ensuring they don’t flush any harmful products down the toilet. Not only is a sanitary napkin dispenser a hospitable addition for your guests, it will preserve your septic system.

Choose from a variety of styles and materials, too. We offer options in different installation types. Whether you’re looking for a wall mounted tampon dispenser, a recessed one for space-efficiency, or a feminine hygiene dispenser that sits on the floor, we have a choice for you. We even carry accessory keys for compatible models that can be locked.

From schools, restaurants, and office buildings to hospitals, hotels, and more, a sanitary napkin dispenser is a necessity for your washrooms. Maintain sanitation and make guests feel comfortable during their time at your venue. Whether you’re looking for a simple plastic option or a more durable stainless steel style, we have something for you. Be sure to check out our selection of feminine hygiene products, as well. You may also like our other washroom accessories, such as urinal cakes and deodorizers and air fresheners to keep a fresh smelling facility.