Facilities Management

A comprehensive selection of cleaning supplies suitable for use in facilities management are available from Alliance UK online. We have the necessary cleaning supplies and tools to maintain a facility's professional cleanliness no matter what kind of business you oversee.

Cleaning Contracts and Facility Management

The Alliance UK provides free assistance.

Alliance UK is unique in that we are based in London, we are the leading distributor of cleaning products, janitorial supplies, and disposable paper products, and we sell direct to Contract Cleaning and Facility Management, allowing us to be extremely competitively priced.

Given the diversity of this industry, Alliance UK's strengths distinguish us from the competition, and our experience in this sector includes not only the supply of high-quality paper, cleaning, and hygiene products, but also the provision of a full back-up service.

Our Sales Team, supported by our Head Office, is experienced and thoroughly trained, and thus ideally suited to offer a range of support services such as Material Safety Data Sheet training (which is compliant with the latest chemical regulations), product training, site surveys, and even direct delivery to all sites on a national basis if required.

Among the key advantages are:

  • 40 years of industry experience is available.
  • Supply agreements with a single source.
  • Account management that is dedicated.
  • Product lines are extensive.
  • A successful track record.
  • Product innovations that save money.
  • Marketing, design, and IT assistance are all available.
  • MSDS and technical data are available online. 24/7
  • Negotiated rebate programmes.
  • Upgrade your washroom dispensers for free.
  • Our knowledge and expertise are available to you.

Facilities Management 

We have a broad selection of hygiene goods, from window cleaners to pest control and floor cleaners. We offer products in cost-effective bulk amounts so that every facility may be maintained.

The cleaning and maintenance portion of your facility management plan is perfect for using Alliance UK online products, which are utilised in a variety of commercial sectors.

Call our professional team at 03300 555 773 right now to talk about the cleaning needs for your building.