Alliance UK Partners

At Alliance UK we understand that the only way we can provide our customers with great products is by having good suppliers - and for over 20 years we’ve been working hard on our relationship with such suppliers.Alliance UK Online Partners

We currently source our range from more than 100 suppliers around the world. With a challenge of this scale, we need to make sure everyone understands what Alliance UK expects, and that there are clear systems to check each element in the supply chain. Our technical requirements are rigorous and designed to ensure our products consistently meet quality and safety standards.

We take no chances in ensuring our customers get the right product of the right specification, at the right time. Before any supplier is taken on, we independently assess their ability to meet our requirements; if they’re unable to operate to our standards, we’re simply not interested.

When a supplier is approved, we continually monitor their performance against agreed quality and safety parameters, and regularly inspect them to make sure agreed controls are being applied in practice. A significant proportion of our inspections are carried out without any prior notice to keep everyone on their toes, so the standards we find when we’re not expected are exactly the same as when we are.

It is essential that our packaging be developed with full consideration given to the values that underpin the company.

We seek to maximise the value of packaging by:

  • Increasing product sales through high quality aesthetic, innovative design, effective and user friendly packaging;
  • Minimising packaging material and production costs by choosing the right packaging and print for the product;
  • Minimising compliance costs associated with packaging legislation.
  • Eliminating costs of packaging waste / damaged product disposal.
  • Our suppliers are asked to abide by the following:
  • There shall be no obvious colour variation from the agreed proof or Pantone references when viewed under standard artificial daylight. Any colour variation shall comply with light and dark tolerances agreed by Alliance UK.
  • In particular please make sure you use a JPEG original of our logo. Recreated alternatives will not be accepted.
  • Price is very important to our customers, therefore we are committed to buy at a very competitive price so that we can pass the savings on. It is very important however that the spec is not compromised.

Do you want to become a Alliance UK supplier?

  • If you wish to present your products for possible inclusion, the best thing to do is send samples to our address of your products with the prices clearly marked.
  • Alliance UK preferred method of communication with suppliers is by email - if you call the office it is likely that they will ask you to send an email.
  • Our aim is to buy most products by the full pallet or full truck to cut down on handling and transport.
  • Please read our Purchasing Terms & Conditions for Suppliers for further information.