Market Sectors

Alliance UK online have been supplying quality cleaning products since 1996. We are a UK based distributors of quality cleaning and hygiene solutions. Built on traditional values with real customer care, supported by state-of-the-art technology to deliver exceptional service.
We understand that one cleaning solution won't fit all. With this in mind, we've created tailored advice for a number of specific industry sectors.


Alliance UK online has a long history of partnerships with many healthcare organisations, working together to provide unique solutions to their individual requirements. We provide quality, cost-effective cleaning chemicals, floorcare machinery and janitorial products. We also understand that it can be a challenge to consistently manage staff, equipment and supplies while maintaining high standards which is why we concentrate on offering the 'complete solution' including training, support and service.
The NHS and other healthcare organisations are facing considerable pressure to reduce costs, however, one of the biggest costs is currently Healthcare-Associated Infections (HCAI). These are infections that develop as a direct result of any contact in a healthcare setting. They occur in hospitals and in the community; and affect both patients and healthcare workers. As well as affecting patients, HCAI is also a serious burden on the NHS. These infections cost the NHS an estimated £1 billion a year. They have a major impact on the availability of beds because infected patients have to spend, on average, an extra 11 days in hospital. Furthermore, infected patients cost 3 times more to treat than uninfected patients and infections are becoming difficult to treat because of an increase in antimicrobial resistance.
Unfortunately, not all HCAI can be prevented but with good practice and careful hygiene it has been estimated that around 15% to 30% could be avoided.
To combat this problem, our chemical ranges include many products specifically designed to kill micro-organisms, including MRSA, E. coli, S. aureus, HIV and Hepatitis B.

Leisure Industry

Alliance UK online have an excellent track record in working within the Leisure Industry. We believe in working together to provide bespoke solutions to individual requirements. We provide quality, cost-effective cleaning chemicals, floor care products and janitorial supplies. We also understand the many challenges posed by cleaning staff, equipment and supplies while trying to maintain high standards which is why we concentrate on offering the ‘complete solution’ including training, support and service.
*Subject to a supply agreement we offer our range of modular soap and paper dispensers free on loan and install them free of charge. With hygiene concerns of increasing importance to the general public, we have a comprehensive range of wipes to meet the demands of the workplace and leisure environments.


Hotels demand a sparkling high standard throughout, from front of house and communal areas such as bars, restaurants, and conference facilities to guests’ rooms. Alliance UK has a variety of quality cleaning solutions including an environmentally-friendly range of products to satisfy the expectations of your environmentally conscious guest and specialist products such as Break-Up for removing gum or other sticky substances.
Restaurants & Bars
Alliance UK understand the high standards required for sustaining a hygienic environment that is both operationally and economically efficient. Food preparation and Bar Service regulations are significant and operators are continuously under pressure to deliver the highest regulatory requirements, including COSSH Regulation. Our ProValue range of commercial cleaning products are formulated to provide great value and a variety of professional applications alongside proven performance.
Alliance UK online understand the importance of food safety, hygiene and regulatory compliance in such a diverse sector whether a boardroom, a sporting event or a museum. Alliance UK meets this challenge with innovations such as the CPI Microfibre cleaning systems and Alliance UK Freshen Up, as well as our established products.

Facilities Management

Any Facility Manager’s role is, by its nature, multidisciplinary and will see them overseeing the smooth running of any number of services to the establishment they manage – potentially including catering, security, building maintenance, fire safety, pest control and of course cleaning.
Given the diverse nature of the Facility Manager’s function it is impossible to imagine they will be “expert” in every service type they supervise. Alliance UK’s strength, which sets us apart from the competition and ensures our continued growth in this sector lies not only in the supply of high quality cleaning, hygiene and floor care solutions but also in the provision of FOC cleaning consultancy to the Facility Manager.


Alliance UK online have several unique products which are suitable for retail sale - particularly in grocery, hardware or pharmacy outlets - offering solutions for both personal use and cleaning in and around the home.
Our consumer-friendly packaging ensures ease of merchandising on the shelf, and visual impact for the customer, with sizes to suit customer requirements for use both at home and whilst travelling.


Alliance UK online has a long and well established supplier relationship with the Education sector dating back to the company’s inception in 1996 when spirit based wax polish was the floor care product of choice for wooden school floors throughout the nation.
As the needs of our schools, colleges and universities have changed, so Alliance UK’s product offering has evolved to adapt to these demands, seeing us manufacture and supply multi-purpose cleaners, disinfectants and floor care systems which are central to keeping our educational establishments clean, hygienic and well protected. Today we are the biggest supplier of cleaning materials to the Education sector and enjoy long standing and robust relationships with a considerable majority of Local Authorities and purchasing consortia.