Alliance UK online offers a complete range of products, equipment and accessories meaning guests are greeted by shining surfaces, sparkling glass, immaculate floors and gleaming tableware everywhere they look. The small details can have a big impact on business. Let us help you find the right housekeeping products and services to help you deliver more than ever to your customers.


We provide an extensive range of laundry products that are suitable for both commercial and domestic use.

Our selection of laundry supplies includes everything from carts that carry soiled linens to the powerful detergents that your machines use to keep sheets and clothing looking brand new. These products are perfect for your hotel, motel, camp, cafeteria, or restaurant

Choose laundry supplies, such as:

 Washing solutions in different forms, such as liquids, powders or gel pods, which are extremely convenient to use and help ensure you get the right dose.

Fabric conditioners, usually in liquid form, can be poured into your washing machine or hand wash solution to not only leave your laundry soft but also give your clothes a pleasant aroma.

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