Rubbermaid Refills

Rubbermaid soap dispenser refills is a cost-effective way of keeping your hygiene equipment stocked-up for a lesser price. As a refill for the auto foam refill pouches by Rubbermaid, this lotion foam soap provides your customers with a high-quality lather and leaves their hands refreshed and nourished - perfect for any luxury craving guests. The beautiful aroma of this soap gives a refreshing boost to guests' hygiene needs.
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  1. Rubbermaid Autofoam Foaming Lotion Soap Refill 1100 mL

    4 x 1100 mL

    £44.95 £53.94 Inc. VAT
  2. Rubbermaid Alcohol Hand Rub Refill 400ml

    12 x 400 mL

    £85.95 £103.14 Inc. VAT
  3. TC Foam Soap Anti Bacterial 800ml

    6 x 800 mL

    £41.95 £50.34 Inc. VAT
  4. TC Foam Alcohol-Free Hand Hand Rub 800ml

    6 x 800 mL

    £61.95 £74.34 Inc. VAT
  5. TC OneShot Lotion Hand Cleanser Refill 1600ml

    4 x 1600 mL

    £76.95 £92.34 Inc. VAT
  6. OneShot Lotion Hand Cleanser Refill 800ml

    4 x 800 mL

    £57.95 £69.54 Inc. VAT
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The Rubbermaid soap refills offer optimal hand hygiene. Hand stay hygienic and clean long after washing. The Rubbermaid formula ensure dirt is emulsified, making it easier to remove dirt from the skin in a regular hand washing process. Rubbermaid's soap refills are ideal for use in food handling/preparation and healthcare environments. Rubbermaid soap refills helps to prevent the growth of microorganisms on the skin and formulated to soothe and soften skin.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Delivers up to 2,000 hand washes per 1600 mL refill
  • pH balanced and enriched with skin conditioners
  • Specially formulated for frequent hand washing
  • Green Seal™ certified and biodegradable hand soap
  • Box-less refill means 80% less packaging waste over bulk gallon

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