Floor Standing Safety Signs

The changing nature of hazards means that fixed floor signs are not always the ideal method of warning employees and visitors on your premises of hazards; this is where floor stands come in to their own. Easily portable, they can be quickly moved whenever the occasion requires it, and just as easily removed once the hazard has passed. With the health and safety of all on the premises a top priority for companies, these floor stands are a straightforward method of making sure that everyone is aware of the temporary hazard, giving them the opportunity to proceed with caution or avoid the hazard.

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Safety Floor Stands: Buying Guide

Spills, damp or wet floors due to cleaning, and wet paint are all hazards that may exist temporarily, but they still need to be highlighted. Floor stands are the ideal way of making everyone present aware of the potential hazard. Many floor stands can be easily folded for storage and can be quickly and easily displayed when necessary, alerting everyone to the dangers present, albeit a temporary hazard.

Alliance UK has a comprehensive range of floor stands for use in a variety of circumstances. All are double-sided so that the message can be clearly seen from both directions, and they feature a built-in carry handle for easy transportation. The signs are well made with a strong hinge for durability, and they are constructed from a sturdy material that does not easily fade, chip or crack, making these signs a long-lasting and cost-effective option. Furthermore, the symbols and lettering on the floor stands are clear, bright and easily understood.

Our range includes hazard signs featuring the hazard triangle and relevant pictogram, as well as further information on the nature of the hazard, such as warning of a wet floor.

Floor signs are also available featuring the prohibition symbol of a red circle with a line crossing a pictogram. Mandatory floor signs have a pictogram and clear lettering to convey the instructions that must be followed - for example, the wearing of hard hats.

Information floor stands can still convey a very important health and safety message, but tend to not include recognised ISO 7010 symbols. They can be used to convey such messages as cleaning in progress.

If you require a floor stand that is not included in our current range, then why not create your own to warn of potential hazards. With our custom floor stands you can add your own text and relevant symbol – and even change the font style and colour.

Using safety signs, including floor stands, is a valuable part of your safety procedure to keep all of your employees and visitors safe. By clearly labelling the hazards, people will modify their behaviour, thereby reducing the risk of accidents and injury. However, even with the most rigorous safety standards, accidents can still occur.

Assessing and treating any injuries promptly will likely reduce the severity. Make sure that injuries on your premises can be treated effectively and quickly by having a comprehensive range of first aid supplies. Additionally, ensure that first aid facilities can be quickly located by clearly displaying the necessary first aid signs.

For all temporary hazards or hazards on temporary sites, our floor stands offer a convenient way to warn everyone on your premises and can form an important part of your health and safety strategy. Easily stored, floor signs are always ready for when you need them.

Here at Alliance UK we also provide other warning signs to protect workers and visitors from other potential hazards.

Different Types of Floor Standing Signs and A Frame Board Signs

The Alliance UK online contains a wide range of floor standing signs. These include A frame safety signs, safety cones, 360 floor stands, tri-fold floor stands, and safety warning guardians, which bear a variety of warning or ‘Caution’ messages to cover different situations. 360 floor stands are an ingenious design that will ensure that your safety message is visible from all directions, and will even right themselves if knocked.

Below are some examples of our most popular warning signs:

  • Wet Floor
  • Icy Conditions
  • Cleaning in Progress
  • No Entry
  • Restricted Access
  • No Parking
  • Caution, Danger
  • Workers Above, Falling Objects
  • High Voltage
  • Slippery surface
  • No Smoking
  • Wet Paint

Hardwearing mats and floor signs are often overlooked, but these can also play a useful role in your signage strategy. The Alliance UK range, which includes social distancing footprints and markers, is extensive, but if you are unable to find the message you need contact our Customer Service Team, as we can produce custom floor signs to meet your exact requirements.


Why are floor standing signs required?
In the UK, slips and trips are by far the most common cause of injury in the workplace. It is your duty to warn both employees and any visitors of potential hazards to their health, otherwise your business could face legal action. Placing trip hazard A board signs over damaged flooring, or using the Alliance UK EasyProtect Safety Barrier to surround larger hazards, is the best way to ensure people are made aware of potential hazards and prevent injury in the workplace.

What is an A-Board?
An A-board is a hinged, two-sided sign that is easy to position, move and store. A board signs may also be referred to as ‘A signs’ or ‘A frame signs’.

Why are temporary floor signs important?
All premises that are open to the public should carry a stock of A-board signs or temporary floor signs. These are essential for health and safety purposes, to warn staff, residents or visitors of any temporary hazards that could result in injuries. Not only could this result in potential serious injury to visitors, this could also lead to costly lawsuits for the employer, who may be found liable for damages if the hazard is not properly signposted.

Where should floor signs be placed?
Floor or cleaning signs should be placed in areas where they are most relevant - for example cleaning signs for toilets are best placed outside a toilet as it’s being cleaned. A boards or floor stand signs are perfect in this situation, as they are not only extremely portable, but their bright yellow colour is also highly visible to approaching pedestrians.

Why is it important to display warning signs when cleaning?
The HSE’s ‘Safety signs and signals’ publication can be downloaded from the internet and provides a useful reference guide for employers or those in charge of workplaces. It states that signs must be used to “identify an action or access that is prohibited”, to flag up “safeguards that must be followed” (such as the wearing of PPE), to direct people to fire exits or first-aid equipment, or to warn of a hazard. Floor cleaning falls into the final category, and floor signs safety or cleaning signs for toilets, are essential to warn anyone approaching to be vigilant or to avoid the area altogether.