Floor Maintenance

Floor Maintenance

Here at Alliance UK online we stock a huge range of floor maintenance and floor cleaning products for all types of surfaces from industry leading brands such as Enov, Evans, Prochem, Clover and many moreā€¦

Our floor care range includes floor cleaning products including floor maintainers, floor strippers, traditional mop heads and litters pickers.

Whether you need to carry out a large floor cleaning job with a rotary floor cleaning machine, you need a floor polish for a particular floor surface, or you just need to stock up on dustpan and brushes for your business or building, you can find it in our floor maintenance section.

Need floor cleaning equipment to go with your floor cleaning products? Check out our range of scrubber dryers, rotary cleaners and wet and dry vacuums.

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Alliance UK online has an extensive range of professional floor cleaning products designed to deal with the often complex and difficult floor cleaning tasks. Our heavy-duty floor cleaning chemicals are the answer to dirty, stained or tired flooring. From floor strippers to mop buckets, this range of floor cleaning products is your one-stop-shop for floor cleaning, buffing and polishing perfection. Whatever your surface, you'll find a solution to keep them hygienic and looking like brand new with these heavy-duty floor cleaners.

Alliance UK online also offers a selection of mop heads, mop buckets, brooms and brushes, in various colours. Colour coding cleaning materials and equipment ensures that these items are not used in multiple areas, therefore reducing the risk of cross-infection. This is especially important when cleaning with-in the medical field or food industry. All cleaning materials and equipment, for example, cloths (re-usable and disposable), mops, buckets, aprons and gloves, should be colour coded.

Need floor cleaning equipment to go with your floor cleaning products? Check out our range of steam cleaners, sweepers, and vacuums cleaners.

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