Alliance UK Response To Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Alliance UK Response To Coronavirus (COVID-19)As you will be aware, the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has taken many of us by surprise and has resulted in several important questions being raised by both our team here at Alliance UK, and our customers.
As such, we have an in-house team working hard to monitor the situation, which is changing daily and ensuring we respond in a way we feel is most appropriate to keep our service levels to our regular standards as much as possible whilst keeping our customers and staff safe.
We are experiencing a high number of customer enquiries and as such, our response time may be slightly delayed. We are working as fast as we can to update and respond to all customers.

Important Updates To Be Aware Of:

  • To ensure we are able to supply those most in need such as schools, care homes and those working in the public sector with essential supplies, we have taken the decision to temporarily only supply Alliance UK credit account customers at this time.
  • Our external couriers, have made some changes including not handing over devices to collect signatures. They will instead now ask for your name and will log and sign for it on your behalf. This is for both the delivery team and our customers protection.
  • Increased demand for products and potential staff shortages during this time means we cannot guarantee a next day delivery service.
  •  If you have ordered any products considered to be "high risk" your order quantity may be adjusted when stock arrives to us and quantities are assessed so that we can ensure all customers receive some stock on these important lines.
  • Account customers can still phone or email their orders for collection from the trade counter.

We have tried our very best to answer all your Coronavirus questions below:

What is Alliance UK's response to the situation?

We are monitoring the situation closely to maintain service levels and reduce disruption to our supply chain as much as possible. We are working with our suppliers to offer products we can confidently recommend and are responding to the changing scenarios accordingly, as they arise. Our team are on hand from 8.00am-5.00pm Monday to Friday to provide assistance with all your queries.

What impacts does Coronavirus have on Alliance UK's stock availability & supply chain?

There are global shortages on two products which you should be aware of: face masks and alcohol hand sanitisers. We currently have no face masks and alcohol hand sanitisers available. We also have limited stock of surface sanitisers. Manufacturers are working around the clock to increase supply and meet the demand. Please note that the global raw material shortages, travel and storage restrictions can result in slight product, packaging and price amendments as well as delayed delivery times to cater for increased demand.
At this time, we cannot provide accurate delivery dates of these products and would like to inform customers, changes may occur to said products. We aim to update customers as and when we have this knowledge. We are currently monitoring stock levels of PPE, hand washes, surface sanitisers, virucidal cleaners, tissues, toilet rolls, hand towels and surface wipes closely. We are currently preparing for potential shortages in gloves, facial tissue and toilet rolls.
Please be aware, if you have ordered any products which we consider to be 'high risk' such as those stated above, your order quantity may be adjusted when stock arrives to us and quantities are assessed so we can ensure all of our customers receive some stock!

When do you expect to have stock of hand sanitisers?

At the moment, we are looking at a 4-8 week lead time. Our suppliers and our team are working hard to get stock to us and our customers as quickly as possible. As per the Government's advice, we are highlighting the importance of using hand wash and warm water regularly for 2x the happy birthday song as opposed to hand sanitisers. 

How true is your "available in x working days" notice?

In regards to hand sanitisers and face masks, this may be inaccurate as due to global shortages and restrictions on this product, we are unable to provide accurate delivery times but we are working closely with our suppliers to provide the most accurate information we can. Our 'available in x working days' notices are accurate in regards to all other product lines.

Placed an order for "high risk items" and my order confirmation says the product is out of stock.
What happens now?

Your order will be placed on back order and will be delivered when the stock arrives to us. This could be a 4-8 week wait time for hand sanitisers and potentially longer for face masks, however we are unable to provide any definite delivery dates. If you would like a refund and/or credit on said order, please email our team at sales team with your order number or delivery postcode and this will be processed within 3-5 working days.
If you have any questions regarding Coronavirus, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team on 03300 555 773 or contact us

Do you predict any future shortages?

We are closely monitoring stock levels of surface sanitisers and wipes, virucidal cleaners and PPE such as gloves and aprons, as well as facial tissues, toilet paper and hand paper towels. We have a team working to ensure we have enough stock and are in regular contact with suppliers regarding expected shortages. We are currently preparing for potential shortages in gloves, facial tissue and toilet rolls.

Should I stock up on anything?

We are not recommending stock piling at this time. Restrictions have been put in place by suppliers and Alliance UK to avoid further shortages to essential products as a result of “panic buying”.

Do you import goods from elsewhere and if so, should I be worried?

We do import a number of products from Asia and Europe, however these do not pose a risk to the end user. The World Health Organisation advises that the Coronavirus does not survive long on surfaces such as letters and packages and therefore, do not pose a concern. Many of our manufacturers that import raw materials from Asia are seeking or have already sought alternative raw materials from elsewhere where necessary to help with supply and demand.

What advice is Alliance UK offering?

We recommend that our customers maintain good hand washing and self-hygiene practices whilst cleaning high risk areas daily with recommended products.

Advice from the NHS, World Health Organisation and The Centre Of Disease Control & Prevention recommends the following:

  • Cover coughs and sneezes and dispose of used tissues in lined bins
  • Clean your hands frequently
  • Avoid sharing personal household items
  • Clean all “high-touch” surfaces everyday

If you feel unwell or have suspected Coronavirus, take these additional measures:

  • Self-isolate yourself
  • Call 111
  • Monitor your symptoms closely

Kind Regards,

The Alliance UK Team

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