Hygiene Brushes

Here at Alliance UK online we offer a variety of quality Hygiene Brushes from industry leading brands such as Hill Brush Company, renowned for their durable and hard-wearing properties. We stock brushes, brooms, brush sets, dustpan and brushes and many more at Alliance UK.

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Alliance UK online suppies a range of professional hygiene brooms & brushes manufactured for large scale food and beverage production facilities. These colour coded hygiene brooms and brushes offer supreme quality and durability, helping you to achieve and maintain high levels of hygiene and cleanliness. With innovative designs suitable for tackling even the most problematic areas, some of these professional hygiene brushes can withstand high temperatures of 134°C/273°F!

Thinking Of Using Brooms & Brushes Within A Colour Coded Hygiene System?

To help you instigate HACCP systems, our professional range of hygiene cleaning tools are available in a range of colours suitable for colour coding. By colour coded your cleaning equipment, the appropriate cleaning tools are designated to specific areas and are clearly identifiable. Colour coded cleaning equipment significantly reduces the chance of cross contamination by ensuring equipment used for raw food is not used for high risk food. By using colour coding, managers are able to implement HACCP systems requiring inter-departmental or food type segregation. Ensuring high hygiene standards, these cleaning pieces make fantastic investments that will endure the tough demands of any catering establishment. Call our team o0f cleaning equipment experts on 020 7062 0600 to find out more.