Centrefeed Roll & Dispensers

Alliance UK online centrefeed systems are a space-saving, low maintenance way of providing good hygiene. Ideal for environments where hand and light surface wiping are combined. Discover the excellent selection of blue roll available here at Alliance UK online.. Our range of centrefeed rolls is suitable for a wide variety of uses. So, whether you work in a workshop, a clinic or a restaurant, our centrefeed paper towels will be ideal for your business. Our blue roll collection consists of our own brand and is manufactured in high-quality absorbent paper, so performance and durability are assured with all of our products. The centrefeed towels range is perfect in various situations due to their great strength in wet use conditions. From wiping down surfaces, drying hands and utensils to cleaning up spillages, our centrefeed paper rolls will exceed all of your expectations. Browse our blue rolls now to find the best deals and prices. Alternatively, contact us today for further information on our blue tissue roll.

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Blue Roll and Dispensers

Whether reacting to spills or drying utensils and appliances, it always helps to create easy access to your blue roll. Blue roll dispensers are preferred by kitchens, workshops, garages and more because they are hygienic and can actually save you money and reduce waste, by allowing more precise amounts of roll to be used. Blue roll holders also help to reduce cross contamination, by keeping the roll dry and protected. Easy to use and refill, a blue roll dispenser is an essential purchase for any business that uses centrefeed roll regularly, especially in high volume areas such as kitchens and washrooms.

What Is Blue Roll?

Whether you know it as centrefeed roll, engineers roll, blue paper, or catering roll, blue roll is a highly absorbent and practical paper towel product that is suitable for a huge variety of industrial, commercial and even domestic uses.

From world-class Michelin star kitchens to the small workshop of your local mechanics, blue roll is so widely used because of its non-abrasive texture, which suits numerous different applications, including hygienic hand-drying, cleaning and polishing surfaces, and absorbing oil and grease.

This product is also often referred to as centrefeed roll, and by removing the card centre, blue roll can be inserted into a dispenser, providing an easier and more cost-efficient way to use the product without unnecessary wastage. In this comprehensive guide, we look at the various applications for blue roll, how it used in different environments, and the numerous varieties that we stock at Alliance UK online..