Alfred Karcher made his breakthrough into cleaning technology in 1950 with the development of the first European hot-water washer. Innovation led the way and continues to be the most important growth factor for Karcher. Alliance UK Online offer Karcher cleaning systems, and Karcher cleaning supplies for leisure, home, trade and industry at highly competitive prices. The type of products we offer are steam cleaners, carpet cleaners, window cleaning products, vacuum cleaners, battery powered vacs, scrubber driers, steamers and sweepers.

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Market leading Kärcher is a well-known and established cleaning equipment supplier worldwide with a dedication to high quality, effective and efficient cleaning technology not to mention they’re environmentally friendly. Innovation has been the key to Kärcher’s success with an extensive range of cleaning equipment such as the Kärcher Scrubber Dryer, Kärcher Pressure Washer, Kärcher Steam cleaner and more.

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Discover the range of Kärcher products here online at Alliance UK designed for industrial use. We stock a comprehensive range of Kärcher machines including their renowned pressure washers! It can get complicated making the right selection with cleaning machines and appliances, so contact our team of cleaning experts if you need any help or advise choosing the right Kärcher product for your business.

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