eFill Super Concentrate

Enov eFills offer a wide range of eco-friendly and cost-saving cleaning chemicals and solutions, that cater to companies and business of all sizes. Their product range includes washroom cleaners, floor maintainers, bactericidal kitchen cleaner and many more.

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Enov eFill a comprehensive range of super concentrate chemicals

If you’re looking for cost saving on your chemicals, Enov’s eFill handy-size controlled-dose concentrates might be a really good option.
It’s all the cleaning power you need in one neat little package.

What & How?

Available for a range of common cleaning applications, the 1 litre bottles dispense an accurate 10ml dose into a built-in chamber that is then decanted into the specifically designed trigger spray bottles and topped up with water.
The range includes the following chemicals, available in 1 Litre.
eFill 012 Washing Up Liquid
eFill 100 Washroom Cleaner
eFill 200 Mulitpurpose Cleaner eFill 300 Floor Cleaner
eFill 400 Floor Maintainer
eFill 500 Bactericidal Kitchen Cleaner
eFill 600 Glass & Mirror Cleaner
eFill 710 Lemon Disinfectant