Blue Horizons

Blue Horizon is a very popular brand of swimming pool maintenance chemicals in the UK. Blue Horizons have a wide choice of chemicals from chlorine, algaecide, pH balancers and Many more. The range is backed up by an impressive colour coded maintenance system called B.O.A.S.T to aid users understand, and administer the products as part of their swimming pool maintenance. Here at Alliance UK Online, we stock an extensive range of products from Blue Horizons.

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At Alliance UK Online, we pride ourselves on offering high quality, trusted products to our customers, ensuring consistent and quality results are achieved every time. Blue Horizons has been selected due to the reliability and size of the range as well as its excellent value. 

Blue Horizons range uses the popular BOAST system and also include a range of innovative speciality products.

B Balance your pool water for bather comfort & maximum chemical efficiency.

O Oxidise to establish a sanitiser level then weekly to destroy bather wastes.

A Algae prevention. Stop algae establishing themselves in your pool water.

S Sanitise. Maintain a constant sanitiser level to prevent & kill bacteria.

T Testing. Test your pool water to ensure the correct levels.

Shop Blue Horizons chemicals & products now.