BioHygiene want to replace harmful, non-renewable chemical products with environmental biotech alternatives to improve human and environmental health.

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BioHygiene the UK’s leading manufacturer of Biotech cleaning products

  • Technologies are renewable and sustainable, sourced from plant extracts, fermentation and manufacturing by-products reducing CO2e and environmental toxicity
  • Post Consumer Recycled bottles provide a circular life cycle reducing CO2e and removing physical plastic pollution
  • Our cardboard is made from 100% recycled material, is fully recycled and FSC certified (Forests for All Forever)
  • Accredited to Carbon PAS2060, we offset our carbon with UK tree planting and VCS projects within the Amazon
  • 100% UK Manufacture and supply chain
  • ISO 9001:2015 & ISO14001:2015
  • Zero waste to landfill
  • 100% Readily Biodegradable
  • All manufacturing wastewater is treated
  • Our technology has minimal aquatic toxicity
  • Never tested on Animals

Cleaner - Synergistic combination of eco and biotech improves cleaning performance

Nature cleans using biotechnology to keep the world we live in clean. The human body itself uses biotechnology to degrade and absorb the food we eat (see our blog). Understandably, copying this is extremely difficult and so historically our industry has used traditional, primarily petrochemical based chemicals to clean our surfaces without really understanding the impact on the environment and human health until relatively recently.
Bio Hygiene spent the last 5 years developing a blend of materials are able to offer a synergistic effect when combined to allow them to perform at least as well as existing technology (1+1=3). The ability to clean hard surfaces, however dirty and stained while offering significant environmental and human health benefits is a major breakthrough and combines with biotech’s long proven ability to create biofilms to offer a residual cleaning while it’s living technology to reach ‘non touch’ areas such as carpet pile, inside soft furnishings and other absorbent materials to attack organic matter and bacteria causing foul odours.
This next generation technology offers significant performance improvements over traditional products.

Leaner - Broad spectrum products that offer easier, safer, quicker cleaning

Bio Hygiene technology is able to be highly concentrated across a range of platforms, providing powerful products with a wide range of use allowing companies to rationalise significant amounts of their range. The super concentrates and high dilution help with storage, transport and an improved cost in use while the biotechnology works to provide residual cleaning to help reduce the time taken for future cleaning and improve the health of the area.

Greener - Protecting the Environment isn't a choice, it's a responsibility

It is widely acknowledged that we have until 2050 to reach a net zero CO2e position Globally to prevent serious climate change effects. Very few products or technologies consider their carbon footprint despite data and technology being available, but some, including Bio Hygiene do.
Long-term studies show how traditional chemical technologies damage the human respiratory system, increase the risk of cancers and cause long-term skin damage. This can be stopped with new technologies rather than utilising CLP classification cut offs to mask the true effects.

Traditional and commonly used chemicals have high aquatic toxicity, resist breakdown and accumulate to kill aquatic life. Scientific evidence has shown that dilution is not the solution and that despite tighter legislation, the only permanent solution is to stop using chemicals that cause this toxicity.

Microplastics have been found throughout the oceans and through this into animal and human food chains. There is an estimated 200 million tonnes in the Atlantic alone and in July 2020, a major study by the Pew Trusts found that on current trends the amount of plastic entering the oceans was likely to triple in the next 20 years.