Taking advantage of new technology

The manufacturing of all of our Katrin System Toilet rolls is moving on to one of our new, state of the art production lines. This change will deliver:

  • An attractive new "3 dot" embossing
  • A Wider choice
  • Enhanced absorption and a high quality feel


All with the same cost advantages that you expect from Katrin System products.


New Katrin System Toilet Rolls

The changes are:

Existing products
156050 Plus roll  (100% virgin fibre), will be moving to the new embossing, enhancing the look, feel and absorption capabilities.
156005 Classic will be moving to the new embossing AND will move from a mixed fibre product to a 100% pure virgin fibre product.
156159 - no change.

100% Recycled

New product
We are also introducing a new Classic “eco roll” which is 100% recycled.
The new code is 104324 and the product provides a quality mixed fibre feel, at a recycled price point.

Customers who mandate recycled products will love the feel of this new roll.         

What should you do next?

NO ACTION is required to go on purchasing the existing codes. These products will be swapped into the supply chain as stock of the old products runs out. Based on current forecasts, we expect this switch over will be mid-May.

The new product, 104324 will also be available from mid-May.

Please speak to your Account Manager for more details.