Restaurant Washroom Hygiene

Restaurant Washroom Hygiene


The restaurant Washroom may be one of the last places you think about with all you have to consider to keep a restaurant in operation. But perhaps, it should be one of the first. Sanitation in the Washroom is a major concern for many reasons. It affects your image, your patron’s health and, believe it or not, your bottom line. You will be happy to hear making a simple change in Washroom fixtures can significantly reduce costs—while ensuring the Washroom is kept clean and sanitary for both customers and employees.

Eliminating paper towels in favor of today’s generation of high-speed hand dryers is a change that pays dividends in many ways. In the past, many people preferred paper towels to hand dryers because they found it quicker to use paper and—using plenty of paper towels—they could be sure their hands were thoroughly dry. Yet, paper has become increasingly expensive and too often people use more than they need to in public Washrooms—2.5 paper towel sheets every time they dry their hands! At a cost of at least 2 cents per sheet your restaurant can be paying as much as 5 cents per person to dry their hands. If you have a busy restaurant, multiply that number by 5 cents each. It’s an expense that can add up to thousands of dollars per year. Then, of course, there is the shelf space required for stocking the paper towel supply coupled with the time it takes employees to restock the dispensers and clean up and dispose of the clutter paper towels leave behind, incurring additional cost when it comes to keeping that part of your business in shape.

One of the best ways to control the costs associated with Washroom sanitation and maintenance is to ensure the Washroom provides little opportunity for litter and contamination that drive up maintenance expenses. This new generation of hand dryers are worth the attention they are getting for eliminating these issues. They dry hands in only 10 to 12 seconds. That is up to three times faster than traditional hand dryers are—and they use as much as 80 percent less energy in the process. Heat levels are adjustable, and operate more quietly than traditional models. Additionally, they come equipped with HEPA filtration systems to reduce airborne contaminates and improve hygiene quality.

And there is more. Replacing paper towels with hand dryers also serves the environment in several ways:
•Energy-efficient hand dryers use as much as 88 percent less energy than traditional models and they dry hands faster.
•High-speed hand dryers can turn on or off heat; further reducing the hand dryer’s energy consumption.
Paper towels can’t be recycled, so disposing of them creates millions of cubic feet of waste in landfills.
•Hand dryers that are GreenSpec approved will help those constructing or renovating new facilities qualify for LEED certification.

Washroom fixtures may seem like a minor consideration compared to the complexity of all your other restaurant requirements, yet making smart choices can go a long way to reducing maintenance and energy costs—all why promoting a sanitary environment in your public Washroom. Studies have shown automatic hand dryers can save businesses up to 99 percent in operation costs as compared to paper towels. Today’s high-speed automatic hand dryers are designed, engineered and manufactured to help realize long-term economic and environmental savings. If you are still using paper towels, isn’t it time you checked out what a simple change in your Washroom can do to enhance the image and reduce the cost of your restaurant’s Washroom?